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Settling differences. Resolving disputes.

Why Mediate?

Are you involved in a costly, time consuming and expensive dispute? Would you like to see an end to the hassle, disruption and stress that this is bringing to your personal or business life? Would you like to do so relatively cheaply?

If so, then mediation may well be what you are looking for.

I am a fully accredited commercial mediator, but I also have almost 30 years’ experience as a litigation solicitor. During that time I have seen the good, the bad and the ugly of the litigation process. I have also seen how it is possible for parties to use mediation to look at their dispute from different angles, sometimes to see each other’s points of view and often settle a case so that everyone can then move on with their lives and businesses.

"An astute tactitian, a patient and skilled negotiator and an excellent communicator..”

“…David is patient, thoughtful and very practical in his approach to problem solving…”

"Started at 10AM, done and dusted by just gone 2 on a matter that had been dragging on for years. Both client and I very impressed. Would definitely use David again."

“…David provides pragmatic advice and is very persuasive to parties in settlement negotiations. His skills lie in getting parties to understand their strengths and weaknesses, the costs of litigation, and attention to detail, whilst having a friendly manner…”

"...Having had a recent mediation with David, I left very impressed. He managed the process with the upmost professionalism and was willing to go the extra mile to try and achieve a settlement. I have already recommended him to other clients!.."

Who am I?

I’m David Harris, partner in Chandler Harris Solicitors, a niche commercial practice based in Central Manchester. Starting my career as a solicitor in 1986, I progressed to qualify as a fully accredited mediator. I offer mediation services to a variety of businesses and individuals who wish to settle a range of disputes through negotiation rather than via the courts. I carry out mediations all over the UK. To find out more about me and learn why I do what I do and how I do it, click here.

My Experience and my Approach

I am a qualified solicitor and a fully accredited mediator. You can deal with me with absolute confidence knowing you are in the safest of hands. To discover more about my experience and my approach, click here.

About Mediation

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