• David Harris Mediation: Settling Differences. Resolving Disputes.

  • David Harris Mediation: Settling Differences. Resolving Disputes.


I am widely recognised as an experienced commercial litigation solicitor and well-versed in resolving commercial disputes via mediation. Using a wealth of experience and knowledge gained during my 30 years in the legal sector, I can work with both parties to settle on common ground and to achieve a satisfactory outcome for all involved, without the prospect of a costly court case.

I recognise and understand the need for swift and efficient resolution of cases, no matter what their nature may be. I also appreciate that any type of dispute or disagreement naturally has a negative impact on the business and individual in question, which is why I strive to find a satisfactory resolution to each case I undertake in a swift and professional manner, keeping the client fully informed at each step of the way.

Mediation avoids the expense and uncertainty of resolving your dispute in the court. I use the experience that I have gained during almost 30 years of litigation to help me bring parties to a settlement at a mediation.

Past cases I have worked on include:

  • Advising insolvency practitioners in their capacity as liquidators of companies and trustees in bankruptcy.
  • Acting for directors who are involved in disputes with liquidators of their former companies.
  • Acting on behalf of business partners in partnership disputes.
  • Representing company directors in disputes regarding the powers of banks, administrators, liquidators and receivers.
  • Resolving boundary and land ownership issues
  • Advising independent schools around the UK.
  • Acting for shareholders in disputes regarding the prejudice of minority shareholders’ interests.
  • Acting in disputes between customers and manufacturers regarding faulty goods and services.
  • Acting for Claimants in libel proceedings.
  • Acting in claims for professional negligence against solicitors and accountants.


Whatever the nature of your dispute or difficulty, I have the expertise and experience to deal with it swiftly and efficiently. For more information on the services offered or to enquire further regarding an issue you are currently having, please get in touch via our Contact page.

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