• David Harris Mediation: Settling Differences. Resolving Disputes.

  • David Harris Mediation: Settling Differences. Resolving Disputes.

David Harris, Certified Mediator: Profile

Who am I?

I am an experienced and respected mediator and litigation specialist. My mediation experience and expertise spans a host of industries and many different types of dispute – from high-level corporate ownership disagreements to domestic boundary disputes.

As well as working extensively in mediation, I am a partner in niche North West legal firm Chandler Harris, having qualified as a solicitor in 1986. I practise in commercial litigation, providing advice and assistance in relation to company and partnership disputes, breach of contract, insolvency law, land actions and professional negligence claims.

When you work with me, you are working with an individual with nearly 30 years’ experience as a litigation solicitor. I have a unique understanding of the technical and procedural issues (and of course the costs) which can serve as obstacles to dispute resolution. This appreciation of the technicalities and circumstances involved in these situations allows me to ascertain quickly the best route for all parties.

A straight-forward, straight-talking, hands-on approach

I focus on pragmatic advice and sensible problem solving for all types of business and every kind of dispute. I have a calm and relaxed style, but I’m not afraid of taking a ‘hands on’ approach and being blunt with the parties where it is necessary. I will press parties to reality-test their current position when required. Owing to the nature of divergences, especially those of a personal or corporate nature where emotions run high and reputations are at stake, waters can become muddied and it can sometimes be difficult to see the obvious. I am skilled at drawing out relevant facts and seeing through any superfluous information to take a clear view of the situation at hand. This enables me to propose the best solution in order to resolve the conflict. I use this highly pragmatic approach to resolve difficult and seemingly intractable disputes.

"With a 91% success rate, I am passionate about obtaining the best results for each and every client I work with – proven by my track record and many testimonials from satisfied customers."

CPD and Training

In the legal sector, qualifications and accreditations are important – and suitably I have worked tirelessly throughout my time as an experienced solicitor and mediator on my professional development and acknowledgement. A recognised, regulated accreditation is incredibly important as this is the mark of quality and confidence clients require when deciding who will assist them during mediation. I’m passionate about delivering an unparalleled service for my clients and obtaining the best results each time. For this reason, I am a member of the Law Society, Insolvency Lawyers Association, and the Association of Northern Mediators. I am accredited as a mediator by ADR Group Limited. I am listed with ADR Group Limited, the Clerksroom and the Association of Northern Mediators. I continue to keep abreast of new developments within the law and consistently stay ahead of the game to offer my clients the foresight and advantage which could be missed by others.


Certified Mediator

I pride myself on the quality of my work and as such, I am accredited and certified by several specialist regulatory bodies to complement my experience and professional status in the UK’s legal profession and further reaffirm my dedication to remaining one of the country’s most respected mediators. My extensive experience, education and expertise in many areas of arbitration and mediation combine with an impressive client satisfaction rate (and success rate of 91%) to set me apart from the rest, making me a sound and trusted choice for anyone considering the use of mediation during a dispute.

Contact me for further information and to arrange a mediation

Telephone: 0161 834 2200  |  Email: dharris@davidharrismediation.com